The year that was


2011 is almost gone but it was a wonderful year.

Started with a bang with the iGATE international tournament and the announcement of 2 divisions in 2012 with increased prize money.

The club had it’s presence in  national tournaments in Goa, Mumbai, Pune ( 2 ).

On the International front , Colombo saw Lennie and Radhika participating, whilst at the Causeway, there were Sanjoy, Radhika, Lennie, Aubrey and self.

Sanjoy and Radhika did us proud by being amongst the prize winners.

On a less cheerful note, we bid farewell to Martin who went to California.

Then came the shocker for 2011 ———- Sanjoy announced his decision to relocate to Mumbai in Jan.

We shall sorely miss both of them.  We wish them all the very best.

Chris and Satish went to Trichy to help the Ladies club there, to setup scrabble.

The Collins New Dictionary has introduced another 2000 and odd words to muddle our befuddled brains further.

Fortunately, there are many words that we recognize as they contain Indian words like Alu, Saag and Dhal!

Our Club Members have been very co-operative and attended day-long tourneys at Coffee Day, and at our “winter” or “summer” residence when we could not get the KSBA hall.

Members who were with us years back came back to the fold and we welcomed them.

Nalini and Mekhla are enthusiastic members who brighten our club with their presence.

We look forward to Prashant coming back to India from Boston in the next six months.

Prithwi has made several visits and always made it a point to attend the Club meets.

In the meantime, we have our very senior members from inception, Mr Alimullah Khan and Mr. Syed Rehman who never miss out on a day tourney if they can.

This participation is heartening and we enjoy playing with them.

Cheers to a New Year and another chance to get it right!


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