Snippets from the 8th Igate Scrabble Tournament


Contributed by Lennie DSouza

Rex developed a throat infection just prior to the tourney. He has a frog in his throat now in spite of medication and a visit to the doctor. Here are a few reflections on the three days of the international tourney which I must admit,  went off smoothly.

Thanks to Ashok, who very graciously agreed to help Rex with conducting the tourney, there were no major glitches. We wish that there were more games as we were not short of time at any stage. , Rex remarked that the girls who assisted with the computers, were so good at their work that if he was not feeling so poorly, he could have played at the tourney!

Congratulations to Akshay Bandarkar who really did India proud by coming second. Nigel walked away with the first prize but he did have to put up a great fight with the others. Those who took part in the A division felt that the field was very tough and that each game was a “brain draining” session. The cut off point for players to this division was 1500. Rohaina Tanveer from Kuwait had registered for the A Division and suddenly had qualms about playing there. I told her that she could opt for the B division as her rating permitted her to enter this division. Of course I made a secret pact with her that she would have to pay me half her winnings if she won cause it was my bright idea!! Well she did very well throughout the tourney but lost out to Rajiv Antao and Arulraj from Malaysia.

Rajiv – what can I say? He was two points below the required rating for the A Division. I used all my wiles to get him to go play in the top division. I must say in his defense that he  agreed. He said he would step over if there was a bye in the A division.  Now that is a gentleman for you! Congratulations Rajiv – I saw you at the top tables throughout and we are proud that you represented India – we are coming to Goa in April and look forward to that fabulous treat that we know will lie in wait for us – :))))))

Rajveer and Radhika from namma Bangalore Club did very well from the first day itself and we were hoping they would make it to the top. Ramprasad, Nupur, Umita and Nalini too put up a brave fight. Considering this was Umita’s firt stint at an International tourney she was amazing! Nalani was a smooth player who claimed that she did not “beat” or “thrash” anyone like we normally would report. She used the expression, “I just tapped him or her”!!! Chris just returned from New Zealand a couple of days before the tourney. Was he studying down under? He did very well for himself by winning 14 games. Great going Chris!

Nupur was laughing hysterically and I waited patiently for her to stop and tell me her story. Apparently she played Ramprasad who put down a phoney towards the end of the game. At that time, Nupur had 4 I’s and 3 other terrible tiles. Since Ramprasad exposed his tiles, she happily changed all hers. I can imagine the scowl on his face when he saw his tiles!!!! Guess what! He made a great move – he played I?I. When Nupur asked him what the blank was, he said “W”!!!!! Ha ha ha – I found it very funny too.

Here is another howler. P.C Jose came up to me and said that he just had to tell me something that would make me laugh out loud. He then told me that he played Rajiv Antao, who played “LUNGIE,” almost towards the end of the game. Our lawyer, P.C was not too sure of the word so he let Rajiv’s lungie go. Strangely enough his own next rack was “LUNGIE.” Now he was in a major predicament. Since he had not challenged Rajiv’s lungie, he did not want to put his lungie down. What if Rajiv took his lungie away?  He was laughing all the time as he kept discussing taking down lungies. Guess what he did? He let Rajivs lungie remain and did not use his lungie. He played something else! Yes, I did find the story rather amusing.

If you guys have anything to report on the tourney or your moves, please do so. We would love to keep this blog active and get more people responding. Like they say in the Bangalore 9 News every night, “This is my news for the Bangalore Scrabble Blog.”

Cheers and may the Q be with U!





5 Responses to “Snippets from the 8th Igate Scrabble Tournament”

  1. rajveer Says:

    Good Showing by all Bangalore players i thought. Was terrific fun

  2. Prashanth Says:

    Folks, post some of the stranger bingos you got to spot/play.

  3. Prashanth Says:

    By the way LUNGIE is different from LUNGI(LOINCLOTH), LUNGIE is supposed to be a diving(LUNGE) bird.

  4. Satish Srinivasan Says:

    Very nicely written. The Lugi takes the cake.

    Rex and Radhika – its getting better year by year. The way things move seamlessly is amazing.

  5. rajveeronmarkets Says:

    Some Bingos I made:

    Ones I missed:
    Catelog (Spotted Colgate on my rack)

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